Unmask This Year’s Halloween Tricksters


We’re fast approaching the time of year when it’s perfectly acceptable for strangers to march through your lawn and up to your door on a quest for candy. Yes, Halloween is pretty awesome when you consider the parties, cool costumes, and tasty treats. But there is always the drawback of broken boundaries and additional mischief that go hand-in-hand with the creepy spirit of this holiday. Although this may be enough to make some want to call off their Halloween festivities and stay home to prevent problems, there are certain precautionary measures you can take to keep your home safe AND join in on the holiday fun. Check out our top 5 tips for unmasking this year’s tricksters, then stop by our online store to save 20% on an izon camera to keep your home safe this year!

1. Keep property well lit

Keeping your house lit up will help deter pranksters. Motion lights can be carefully placed in the lawn, lighting the way when trick-or-treaters approach your driveway and porch. Keeping a few interior lights on is also a good idea. If you’re planning to head out for the night, most home improvement stores carry adapters that turn your lights on and off at scheduled times.

2. Park your car in the garage

Keeping your car on the driveway or parked at the curb leaves it exposed to vandalism and accidental damage. Be sure to bring your cars, bikes, toys, etc. in the garage to keep them safe from potential harm.

3. Lock the door

This may seem like a no-brainer, but remembering to lock your door in between trick-or-treating groups may prove difficult if you don’t make a conscious effort to do so. Keep all doors and windows locked to eliminate obvious entry ways to your home.

4. Know your neighbors

Getting to know your neighbors before the holiday will help you form somewhat of an alliance with those living close to you. If you’ll be out for the night, ask one or two of your closest neighbors to peek over at your home every so often to make sure everything is ok. Tip: cookies make for an awesome bribery tool here ;).

5. Enlist some help

You’ve got your neighbors on the job, but what if you could be even more aware of what’s going on in and outside of your home? Installing a couple of izon cameras around the house will show you when and how your home is approached throughout the night. Whether you’re staying home or going out, the izon camera is a great tool to catch any attempt to disturb your property as it sends alerts for noise and motion that could otherwise go undetected. We’re offering a 20% discount to help homeowners out this year. See details below!


Now that you’ve got the ideas, it’s time to prepare your home for a successful Halloween weekend. Be sure to implement each of the tips above, and hurry over to our online store to grab your izon camera at 20% off! Enter promo code: TREAT2015 at check out to receive your discount!