Top Reasons You Wanted an izon in 2015


It’s what you’ve been waiting for… a word cloud displaying all of the reasons that izon users love their cameras!

Over the holidays, our website featured an Advent Calendar counting down 12 shopping days leading up to the 25th. Each day, we encouraged fans to engage with us by participating in our social media posts and contests.

On day 7 of the 2015 Advent Calendar: 12 Days of Peace of Mind promotion, we asked a simple question: what is one word that tells us why you need an izon cam? Many of you shared reasons that you choose izon to help stay connected on the go. Can I have a drumroll please?

Check out the list below:


Someone once said, “Safety doesn’t happen by accident,” and we couldn’t agree more! Many of our customers have purchased the izon cams to increase safety in their homes and businesses.

Pets (dogs, puppies, cats & kittens)

The izon camera is great for pets! This affordable and effective alternative to a standard security system helps users stay connected to their furry friends at the office and on-the-go.


Is a raccoon sneaking through the cat door at midnight to munch on some of Dexter’s kibbles? …or is something a bit more serious happening? Either way, you can find answers using the izon as your sidekick.


Security is huge! Whether you’re self-monitoring your home or business, keeping an eye on things is simple and quick with the izon.


It is nearly impossible to reach a state of serenity without having peace of mind!


Keeping the peace in your home or business is much easier when you know what’s going on! That’s where a handy, second set of eyes comes in.

Peace of Mind

Sometimes, it’s nice to have the means to check in on things. That’s why the izon camera is great for self-monitoring your home or business while on vacation!


You know your teen missed curfew last night. Here’s your evidentiary support.


The izon cam features noise and motion alerts, so it can serve as a second set of eyes and ears. If you or a loved one is hard of hearing, the izon adds an extra layer of comfort and assistance.


It’s impossible to actually be with your family 24/7. The best you can do is stay connected to make sure everything is running smoothly at times when you have to be gone.

Although not exhaustive, this list communicates prevalent reasons shared by our followers. As we bid adieu to a successful 2015, we look forward to keeping you connected to what matters most in 2016 and beyond!

Happy New Year!