Top Reasons You Wanted an izon in 2014

izon Word Cloud

Faithful izon camera users have spoken, and it turns out, they love their izons for a lot of different reasons! Over the holiday season, our site featured an advent calendar counting down 12 shopping days on the way to the 25th. Each day, we engaged with our social media followers by asking a simple question. One of the daily questions asked izon users to share their reasons for using the camera. This is where we got to see the top reasons all of you choose izon to help you stay connected on the go. Check out the list!


Not too surprisingly, many of our camera users have purchased the izon to increase safety in their homes and businesses.


The izon camera is great for pets! This affordable and effective alternative to standard security helps users stay connected to their furry friends at the office and on-the-go.


Security is huge! Whether you’re self-monitoring your home or business, keeping an eye on things is simple and quick with the izon.


Probably one of our favorite reasons! Who doesn’t love puppies?


Keeping the peace in your home or business is much easier when you know what’s going on! That’s where a handy, second set of eyes comes in.

Peace of Mind

Sometimes, it’s nice to have the means to check in on things. That’s why the izon camera is great for self-monitoring your home or business while on vacation!


Tranquility is impossible to achieve without peace of mind!


Whether it be a cookie thief or something a bit more serious, the izon has your back in catching them in the act.


Life can get a bit crazy. That’s why it’s nice to be able to check in on who and what has caused the commotion with audio and video playbacks.


It’s impossible to actually be with your family 24/7. The best you can do is stay connected to make sure everything is running smoothly at times when you have to be gone.


Keeping an eye on your little one is everything. Luckily, the izon offers live video and audio streaming with noise and motion alerts!


Sometimes, you just need to get away. Rather than worry about Fido’s care while you’re gone, izon users choose to keep an eye on things from afar.


You love your family, you love your pets, and you love your business. That’s why you have your izon to make sure they’re always taken care of.


Thanks! We think it’s pretty awesome too.


The izon lets you know what happened and when. No more guesswork.


You know your husband is drinking the milk from the carton. Here’s your evidentiary support.


Those darn hooligans…


The izon keeps shenanigans (caused by hooligans!) to a minimum.


Siestas made simple with noise and motion alerts.

Our list has come to a close and so has a successful 2014. We look forward to keeping you connected to what matters most in 2015 and beyond! Happy New Year!