“Stuff Parents Need” Recommends izon 2.0 for Monitoring Your Home on Vacation


The Stuff Parents Need blog is an online source of information for parents looking to build healthy, happy homes. We were pleased to let founder, Tiffany Merritt put the izon 2.0 to the test to see how the camera could benefit her audience of on-the-go parents. Her final decision? The 2.0 is a great product for parents looking to monitor their homes while they’re away. Here’s what she had to say about the product:

Size and Structure

Tiffany described the 2.0 as “just a handful of inches in height”, adding that it was accompanied by an impressively long cord. The camera’s small size and accommodating features helped her set it up in the perfect location for monitoring her home. She also noted that the magnetic base helped with this as it allowed her to rotate the camera as necessary to find just the right angle.

Customizable Monitoring

Customizable settings were reported to have helped narrow alerts and monitoring processes down to those that mattered most. The example she provided introduced the scenario of monitoring a home with a pet. Obviously, receiving alerts for every movement her pet made throughout the day would have been excessive. With the 2.0 however, Tiffany was able to customize the areas, sensitivity, and timing of her monitoring to ensure that alerts would only be sent for movements and sounds that were out-of-the-norm.


Playbacks after alerts have been a big hit with izon users. Tiffany enjoyed this feature as it allowed her to go about her business then catch up on alerts later by watching a playback of the activity that triggered the alert. She was happy to find that these playbacks included both noise and video so she could see and hear exactly what was going on in her home at the moment the alert was sent.

Stress-Free Vacay

All of these features of the izon 2.0 seemed to give Tiffany a big sense of relief in knowing that she’ll be able to monitor her home during her upcoming vacation. She noted that although she’ll have a friend stopping by to check on things, the izon lends additional comfort in the assurance that her home is being well-taken care of while she’s gone. She also compared the price of izon’s peace of mind to that of a standard alarm system, stating that the izon is a more budget-friendly option for homeowners at just $79.95.

Are you a parent looking for an affordable home monitoring system? Check out the izon 2.0 for yourself!

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