Protect Your American Dream With izon


Take 25% Off, Now Through July 5th

This Fourth, we’re celebrating the American dream by offering a 25% izon discount to help our customers protect the dreams they’ve made reality. Whether your American dream includes a small family in an uptown condo or a home full of little ones in the burbs, we want to help you secure the lifestyle you’ve worked hard to build with real-time video/audio streaming and playback alerts from izon. Sound good to you? Great! Let’s get started.

Redeeming Your Discount

Receiving your izon discount is easy as pie (we couldn’t resist the pun there). Simply follow the link provided below to find our discount page. Here, your discount code: HAPPY4TH will be automatically applied to your order, resulting in a 25% camera discount.

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Where and How to Use Your New izon

Your izon camera can be mounted and synced to your phone in just minutes. It all begins with a quick and easy mounting process that involves placing and securing your camera in the area of your home that sees the most traffic. From here, you’re able to sync your izon to your phone using our free mobile app. This app sends motion and audio alerts and also provides playbacks that allow you to review the event that triggered them. The camera has a wide enough scope to capture video from your entire room and its surrounding open walkways, but additional cameras are just as easy to mount and sync to your phone as well. For more information and product specs, click here to shop!