Making Sure Your Pets get the Attention They Deserve during the Holidays

8 Holiday Pet Care Tips

Tis the season to reconnect with distant relatives, long lost friends, and maybe even your favorite former coworkers. As you dig into your free time to do some much needed Christmas gift shopping and maybe even a little traveling, you may realize that you’re spending less and less time at home. This becomes apparent as your dishes begin to pile and your fridge grows bare, however, something more important than any chore or produce item is being neglected – your pet.

Not to bring on the guilt at this, the happiest time of the year, but it’s time to think of ways to get your best friend in on some of this holiday cheer. So what do you say? Are you ready to be an awesome pet parent despite your hectic holiday schedule? If so, check out the following tips to get started!

1. Think of Your Pet-Loving Friends

You’ve got to get your holiday shopping done, there’s just no way around it. This typically means you have to leave your furry friend at home while you make a trip to the mall. But what if you shook things up this year? Instead of getting your friends another lotion set, why not get something awesome for the pets in their lives? This is a fun way to get and give something different this year, plus you get to bring your pet along! If your pet is a bit of an introvert, just opt for picking a little something up for them while you’re at the pet store. They’ll appreciate it!

2. Give Pet Travel a Chance

We know, we know, traveling with a pet can be a hassle. But if your pet is small enough to come on the plane with you, it’s worth putting in a little extra work to bring them along! Look into travel options for small pets. Check fees and requirements, then be sure to leave time to get your pet the proper checkups and vaccinations before your travel date. If you own a larger animal, it may not be worth making them stay below the plane while you travel. If this is the case, be sure to leave them with a friend or family member you trust to take good care of them while you’re gone. Installing an izon camera is a great idea here as it will allow you to check in on their care while you’re away!

3. Commit to Your Routine

It’s all too easy to forget your nightly walk or early morning snuggle when your daily list of to-dos has tripled in size. Don’t let these things slip. They may seem like a chore to you, but to your pet, they’re the best part of the day! Commit to your routine with your pet. They’ll be happier and you’ll feel better knowing that they feel loved.

4. Reinvent Family Traditions

Old habits die hard. I’m sure your family has a few holiday traditions that have stuck around since you can remember. The only problem here? Your pet wasn’t always there to share the day with. Instead of opting to leave your pet at home, bring him or her with! Maybe invest in a cute outfit or a festive treat to keep them in the holiday spirit for the family get together. Only Natural Pet has some awesome options for festive treats, collars, and apparel.

5. Take Time for R&R

Let’s be honest, your pet’s favorite activity is really just spending some down time with their number one human. Chances are, you’ll have some time off this holiday season. Take some of it to get the R&R you’ve been meaning to get anyway. We all know you’re in need of a serious break from your quest to find the perfect gift for your parents who always insist you buy them nothing… they don’t mean it!

6. Help Them Get Comfy

You’ll have to do some shopping at the mall. This is understandable. Just be sure to leave a comfy spot for your pet to hangout while you’re gone. Keep their favorite bed and/or blanket by the window so they can lookout while you’re gone. Heated beds and pillows are also great for this, just be sure to opt for those that are safe to use unattended. Preferably, rice packs or self-heating gel pads that don’t require an electrical charge. Check out this option, just for pets.

7. Get All of Your Family in This Year’s Card

Few things in life are cuter than a cat in a Christmas card. Your pet might not enjoy the experience entirely, but it will be fun to look back on the pictures later. It also keeps them in on the holiday action and in the company of their favorite person ever.

8. Leave the Paper out for a Bit

It’s that magical gift-giving day. You’ve got your family, you’ve got your pet and you’ve opened your gifts. You may notice that your pet is playing around in the paper. Stick close by to avoid too large of a mess, but let them enjoy messing with the paper for a few minutes before you put it away. They’ll have plenty of time to tear apart that snowman squeaky toy you got them later.