Last Minute Home Holiday Security


For most, this time of year is about giving. Whether it be to charitable organizations or loved ones, the holiday season typically brings about a spirit of generosity and gratitude. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for everyone. Some who are facing deep struggles see the holiday season as the perfect time to take expensive items from others who’ve left them wrapped and placed conveniently in a main room of their home. This is why theft rates run exceptionally high throughout the holiday season. Rather than leave your family susceptible to holiday thieves, get proactive by taking some additional home security measures! To help you out, we’ve created a list of quick, easy, and affordable holiday security tips for homeowners. Check it out!

1.Get to Know Your Neighbors

Good neighbors can be your greatest ally. If you have yet to become acquainted with your neighbors, now’s the time! Pick up some festive baked goods at the store or make a plate to take to your surrounding neighbors. You could even get creative and come up with a few unique gift ideas of your own. Either way, take a moment to stop by and chat to exchange contact info so they’ll be more likely to let you know should they notice any suspicious activity taking place in or around your home later on.

2. Leave the Light on

We’re certainly not suggesting that you leave your lights on all day, every day, but an automatic timer helps throw plotting thieves off track a bit. Automatic timers can be found at just about any home supplies store. Pick one up, then set it to run at different times while you’re away.

3. Keep Gifts Out of Site

A well-decorated Christmas tree is a beautiful site…too beautiful to thieves though. If your tree is in your main room, be sure to keep your blinds closed to leave your gifts out of site. This way, thieves won’t know if breaking into your home will actually yield a worthwhile benefit or not.

4. Lock Your Doors

This may seem obvious, but some still refuse to do it. Lock your doors! Many reports of break-ins have noted that the thief kept trying doors until one was finally open. Whether you believe in the whole locking your door thing or not, at least do it for the holiday season to protect your family’s holiday happiness!

5. Keep a Car in the Driveway

If you have two cars, try leaving one in your driveway as you leave with your family for holiday events. This combined with the time-set lights will help to deter thieves looking for signs of an empty home and easy target.

6. Avoid Over-Sharing

It can be tempting to share your upcoming plans for holiday travel, but try to save the social posts for after you’ve returned. This way, thieves won’t be tipped off to the fact that your home is vacant. Sharing pics of your expensive gift items is also a bad idea as it makes you a target for thieves looking to snatch up some high ticket items after the holidays. Try not to share post with this particular content at all.

7. Keep an Eye on Things

Last but not least, a home security system will help you keep an eye on things while you’re away. If you’re looking for a simple, affordable option, the izon camera is for you. The izon camera connects to your Apple or Android device, allowing you to access live video/audio feed and noise and motion alerts right from your phone or tablet. Click here to check out product features and pricing!