izon Camera in the News


It was a busy week for the izon camera. We are excited to have been featured so prominently on some world class outlets.

Yahoo Deal Seeker

Yahoo Tech’s Christina Tynan-Wood wrote about how the future home is here. She features a number of really products, one of them being the izon camera. She introduces the camera by saying: “Install this simple Web camera, download the app, and all you have to do to see if the fish are swimming and the cat is snoozing (or creating YouTube gold with her antics) is glance at your phone.” We are happy to bring the future to your present!

Matt Granite @MattGranite

Matt Granite from mattsdailydeals.com was on multiple TV news programs talking about his deal of the day: “This system allows you to monitor your home, your business or room, a nanny cam, a pet from anywhere in the world with live, 24/7 streaming delivered to your smartphone or tablet.” He points out that izon has no extra charge for video storage. The article states: “There are many wi-fi surveillance systems on the market but most charge you for cloud video storage. The Izon Stem surveillance systems allow you to record to their cloud for free while still giving you great video surveillance monitoring from your phone or tablet.”

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