Is Your Garage Door Closed? The App that Ends this Worry Forever


You’re midflight when the worry sets in – did you shut the garage door? Is the stove on? Did you remember to feed Fido? Is your caregiver taking great care of your little one? This is an all-too-common scenario experienced by many a traveler. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution. The izon app allows you to check in on your home, anytime and from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. Bet you didn’t think in-flight Wi-Fi could possibly find another way to come to your rescue!
Check out the app’s features, then head over to izon to pick up your affordable and effective home self-monitoring solution!

Noise and Motion Alerts


The izon app is linked to your izon camera, allowing you to stream video and audio from your home, right to your device. To make sure you never miss a moment, the app delivers instant noise and motion alerts. These inform you when unusual noise or motion takes place within your home while you’re away.

Instant Playbacks


You’re on vacation. This means you probably won’t be by your phone to check out every alert the moment it comes in. This isn’t a problem with izon. The app will show you a playback of the moment the notification was triggered. This will allow you to self-monitor your home and what goes on within it, without requiring that you stay glued to your device.

Secure Streaming

secure streaming

The izon camera offers a secure streaming platform. This means that video and audio from your home will only be accessible by you and whoever else you choose to grant access to. Whether you choose to self-monitor your home on your own, or get a little help from a trusted friend or family member, the izon will help you stay safely connected to your home.

Ready to eliminate vacation worry for good? The izon camera and its free app are ready to help! Check out camera options and specs on our website.