iLounge Offers Their Seal of Approval in the Latest izon Product Review


Here at izon, creating quality accessories for iOS products is kind of our thing. That being said, we’re always happy to find that members of the Apple community are taking interest in our products. This is why we’re pleased to highlight our most recent review in today’s blog post.
This past week, the izon view was acknowledged by a familiar face. iLounge, a popular online tech publication that has reviewed the izon 2.0 in the past, came back to check out the izon view. While they noted in the beginning that they’d “reviewed and liked” the 2.0, iLounge seemed to enjoy the enhanced capability of the izon view as well. So what did they notice? Let’s take a look at a few notes from the article!

  • Setting up the izon view is simple. Reviewers reported no issues in the process.
  • The lower price point makes the izon view a great option for pet monitoring and nanny cams.
  • You can stream continuously for 5 minutes via cell connection. Longer when connected to Wi-Fi.
  • The izon view app can support multiple cameras.
  • The izon view provides night vision capability which is useful for baby and home monitoring.
  • Noise and motion detection activates the recording of 35 second video clips (alerts) that are stored for izon users to view later.
  • Settings can be adjusted for higher accuracy in noise and motion monitoring. This function was proven effective in the review’s testing period as the timing lined up with reviewer objectives.
  • 100 video playbacks can be stored on the Cloud. 25 can be stored per day.

In sum, iLounge put their seal of approval on the izon view as an effective and affordable option for standard monitoring purposes. This is great news considering that izon users prefer quick and easy monitoring for homes, pets, babies, and small businesses. To check out the full review by iLounge, click here.

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