How to Take Care of Your New Dog AND Hold on to Your Sanity


You’ve just started celebrating the arrival of your new puppy when it hits you – this dog may or may not drive you absolutely up the wall with its incessant barking and innate habit to chew anything and everything in its path. So what do you do?

While spending as much time as possible with your new pup is wonderful, we all have busy schedules that take away from the “possible” amount of time we can spend with our pets. Realistically, you’ll want to prepare your home and its new furry friend for the time you’ll be spending outside of the house. So let’s get started! Check out the following tips to help your dog adjust to its new home, all while hanging on to your much needed sanity!

  • Relax a Little

    While bringing home a new puppy is an exciting occasion, it’s important that you maintain low-key behavior upon your pet’s arrival. This is because too much excitement can make a pet anxious, causing bad behavior and/or irregular bathroom habits. Allow your pet to roam freely as he or she becomes acquainted with the new surroundings. Stroke his or her back softly and speak in a calming tone to help them adjust.

  • Note Dietary Changes

    Before breaking out the fancy new food you picked up at the pet store on your way home, be sure to check with the previous owner to determine what your pet’s diet has consisted of up to this point. If the diet differs from that which you would prefer from this point on, take your time in gradually adjusting your pet to their new feeding schedule. Mix the old food with the new and stick to the same feeding schedule for at least the first week or two. Keep in mind that drastic dietary changes may cause digestive unrest, leading to conditions of diarrhea and/or tummy ache.

  • Set a Stable Routine

    Just like humans, pets feel more comfortable when they have a set schedule they can depend on. Set a daily routine for feeding, walks, outdoor breaks, and play times to help your new pup adjust to life at your home. This will help eliminate any uneasy feelings your pet may have and help them feel safer in your care.
    Often times, it’s best to keep younger puppies in one room while you’re gone. This will limit their access to potential danger zones like stairs and counters.

  • Prepare Your Home

    Creating a safe place for your new pup to roam will be an important part of helping him or her adjust to your place while you’re not around. Close doors to additional rooms and closets to keep them from causing problems or getting trapped while you’re away. If you plan to be gone for most of the day, try to schedule a time for a friend or family member to take your pet out for a bathroom break in the middle of the day. If this isn’t possible, be sure to set up an area in your home where your new pet can access a bathroom. Potty pads may be the best option for puppies while a doggy door would be ideal for older, bigger dogs.

  • Rest Assured

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There you have it! Our best tips for taking care of your new puppy without completely losing it. While these will give you a great start, it’s also important to note that taking your time in the adjustment process and customizing your approach to your unique pet will be key. Try to stay patient, while following the five tips above to create a happy home for your and your new pet!