How to Catch a Thief


Imagine you’re sitting at work one Friday morning when you hear your phone vibrate. You look down to check the screen and see an alert, “New Motion Event,” from your video monitoring app. Concerned, you open the app. Immediately you see live footage of a strange man hastily entering your living room from the hallway. The man is talking on his cellphone while pacing back and forth. In a matter of seconds you also notice that he is toting around a large, stuffed pillowcase… How would you react? If you were like Los Angeles homeowner Gregg Garfield, you would pick up the phone and immediately call police.

This burglary actually happened and was covered by KTLA News in late August. Mr. Garfield was able to share the video with the news team and police – who responded to the scene within minutes. While police chased down the suspect, the news team interviewed the homeowner who noted,

“If it wasn’t for that [referring to his izon cameras],
I wouldn’t have known and I could have come home,
and my door was kicked in.”

Thankfully, the police were able to detain the thief and recover all stolen items. According to Gardfield, the burglar had snatched up jewelry, watches – even a gun.

Garfield’s story provides us with a simple reminder: you never know when a break-in will occur. Luckily, there are ways to feel more prepared and better manage unfortunate situations like a burglary. Without help from the izon cams, this crook could have easily gotten away with valuable possessions – or even worse, peace of mind. Safeguard your peace of mind with an izon cam. Keep an eye on everything you love most.