Halloween Ghost Hunting for the Do-It-Your-Selfer


What would Halloween be without the spook factor? Boring, that’s what. If you haven’t had the chance to get your seasonal scare from your favorite haunted spot, we’re here to help! Ramp up your Halloween experience with our, maybe not so serious, post about DIY ghost hunting. Yes, you heard us right, we’re giving you a few tips for tracking down Casper. Get your best ghost buster gear ready and check out the following tips to start the search!

1. Play Scary Music

It’s really just science. If you play it, they’ll come. Set your Pandora to the scary movie score station and watch the ghosts appear in troughs.

2. Invest in a Pair of Hammer Pants

You’ll need to be fast and agile. If you’ve ever seen an episode of America’s favorite ghost hunting show, you know that hammer pants are the way to achieve this. Nothing brings you closer to the reflexes of a cat like big, baggy pants.

3. Buy a head lamp

You’ll turn the lights off to catch your ghosts, so you’ll want to have one on your head, of course. Will this scare them away? If movies tell us anything, the answer is no. The ghosts won’t be scared of light coming from your head. Just light coming from the ceiling or perhaps a floor lamp. Duh…

4. Make a trip to your local Toys-R-Us

Walkie-talkies, voice recorders, heat detectors, etc. You’ll need all of this to be a legit ghost hunter. Stop by your local toy shop to pick up your gear.

5. Strategically place your izon

In all seriousness, the izon is the best way to catch any intruder, paranormal or not. Motion and noise sensors will pick up, record, and notify you of any unexpected guests. Stop by our online store to pick up an izon view, complete with night vision, for 20% off! Use promo code: TREAT2015 at checkout to receive your discount.