Got Plans for the Next 4 Years?


The day has finally come! Your high school days are a thing of the past and you’re looking toward an awesome future as a full-blown college student. First of all, congrats! Your next four years will be filled with new friends, good times, and hopefully a little learning. While all of this is really exciting, you may also be feeling a bit anxious about adjusting to this next stage in life. So what can you do to ease the worry and amp up the excitement? Prepare yourself for the best four years of your life, of course! So let’s get started. Check out the following tips on setting up a successful college experience.

  • Get involved in a groupThis might be pretty obvious, but as a freshmen, you may not really understand just how many diverse student groups there are for you to get involved with. Maybe Greek row isn’t your thing, but there’s bound to be another organization of students who share similar interests as you. Maybe an intramural sports team or even a small group of students interested in your area of study?

    Do a little research to find a student organization that fits you. These can get pretty random, covering even the most niche of interests! Even if you’re heading to college with a group of friends, it’s never a bad idea to branch out a little and meet a few new ones.

  • Find ways to save on campus eventsCampus concerts and sporting events are the root of all college fun. That being said, paying high admission prices is a downer. Luckily, most campuses give students a little bit of a break when it comes to paying for on-campus events. Your school may offer seats in student sections at games and events for a discounted rate. Check out what’s available and ask around campus. Start your research early as student section tickets are usually released pretty far in advance and sell out fast!
  • Check out Volunteer OpportunitiesYou’ll be busy with school, but giving back to your community in your spare time can be a serious mood booster. Not only will you feel great about doing something good for others, but you’ll also meet awesome people in the process.

    Your school will more than likely have an entire department dedicated to connecting interested students with on and off campus volunteer opportunities. Ask your orientation leader or conduct a quick Google search to find out where and how you can get involved. It’s also important to keep in mind that volunteer work will look great on future resumes and graduate school applications!

  • Take an out-of-the-box course or twoNo matter where you go to school, you’ll be required to take a few elective credits. Yes, it’s important to put interesting classes in your area of study first. However, checking out a few non-major related classes allows you to explore your other interests further. Were you on the dance team in high school? Check out Jazz, Modern, and Ballet courses in your school’s dance department. Always wanted to try a new outdoor sport? There’s a class for that! The point here is that there are so many opportunities for you to refine your additional skills while adding to a well-rounded (maybe even fun!) educational experience.

Now that you have a few tips to help you get your college experience off to a great start, it’s time to start searching for interesting opportunities on your campus!