Dog Home Alone?

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We know you’d rather be at home with your pup than at work, running errands, or just being outside of the house, but sometimes you have to be out and about and leave Bowser at home. We have a few tricks of the trade that will help your pup adjust to being home alone.

Purchase a Comfy Place to Wait

A nice comfy bed takes the fear away! It’s known to all that dogs will lay anywhere they please, but a bed can provide comfort and security, whether or not you’re home. Find the perfect bed and your pup is sure to crawl into it while you’re away and take a nice snooze.

Keep your pet preoccupied

Keep them busy before you leave. When a dog has separation anxiety, they watch for signs that you are leaving. The best thing to do before you leave the house is to distract them. One idea would be to give your pup a challenging toy filled with treats. Not only will this keep your pup pretty preoccupied, but they’ll be getting to eat their favorite treat!

Burn off some energy

Wear them out. Whether it’s a long walk, a big meal or a lot of playtime, wearing your dog out before you leave is sure to make them too tired to worry about the separation.

Crate your pup

A crate can serve as a secure and comfortable spot for your pup while you’re out. If you decide to crate them when you leave, make sure you’re only gone for a short amount of time. If left in a crate for a long time, dogs can develop behaviors like depression.

Keep an eye on things

Check up on them while you’re away. Security cameras, like the Izon camera, are a great way for you to check up on your pup while you’re out without disturbing them. It’s almost like you’re there with them!

Let your pet out to play

(when you get back!)

Once you get back, take your pup out to exercise. Now that you’re home, they have to let all of their anxious energy out! Take them outside or play with them.


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