6 Ways You Can Keep Your Pet Safe This Fall


It’s that time of year again. We’re moving away from hot summer days and toward cooler weather and falling leaves. You’ve probably already started prepping your wardrobe, your kids, and maybe even your home for the transition to fall, but what about your pet? Yes, just like you, your pet needs a little help adjusting to the change of season. Do you know what to do? If not, no worries! We’ve got you covered. Check out the following 6 ways you can keep your pet safe this fall!

  • Note Changes in Pest Control   As the weather transitions from warm to cool, pests find their way into homes for warmth. This makes fall a popular time for pest control. Note any and all changes in your home’s pest control routine. Be sure to keep your pets away from harmful pesticides for the necessary amount of time. Even better yet, consider enlisting the help of an organic pest control service provider that uses pet safe products and removal techniques.
  • Gradually Introduce Activity   Depending on how bad the heat got, your pet may or may not have seen very much activity during the summer. If you plan to take your pet outdoors with you for fall activities, be sure to gradually introduce physical activity. If your home saw a leisurely summer due to high temps, start your pet off with mild/moderate activity and work your way up.
  • Identify and Remove Mushroom Growth   Fall is mushroom season. Inspect your yards and gardens for any and all signs of mushrooms. Be sure to keep up on this to keep poisonous mushrooms away from your pets. You can either add this to your regular gardening routine, or make a quick run through on a weekly basis to detect growths. Just be sure to identify and eliminate mushrooms on a regular basis to keep your yard pet-safe.
  • Dispose of Toxic Materials   Cooler weather means that you, your friends, and your neighbors will be preparing their cars for winter. Be sure to clean up all residual substances after working on your car. You’ll also want to train your pet to stay out of the yards, drive-ways, and garages of your neighbors during this time. Politely reminding your neighbors to clean up after their auto work in casual conversation never hurts either. The most common chemicals to be aware of include coolants and antifreeze as these can have a lethal effect if ingested by your pet.
  • Increase Feeding for Active Pets   If your pet stays active during the fall, it will be important to fill their food bowl on a more regular basis. This is because more food will help them stay warm as the chill sets in. Talk to your vet to determine the ideal feeding amount for cooler weather.
  • Keep Track of Hunting Seasons   Hunting picks up in October. If you live near open fields or in a designated hunting area, this means that you should be sure to keep your pet close to home. Check your yard to be sure that all fences are closed and your pet won’t be able to find its way out. If you live in a more heavily populated area, still be sure to keep your pets on a secure leash during hikes and walks. Noting hunting seasons and avoiding popular hunting areas during these times is probably a good idea year round.

Getting Started

Now you’re ready to start prepping your ENTIRE family for a safe and fun fall season! Start finding ways to implement each of the tips listed above in your preparation for fall.