6 Tips to Keep Your Doggy Door Clean


While it’s important to let your dog roam and play throughout the day, dealing with their incessant barking and scratching at the door can be a bit much. This is why doggy doors make the perfect addition to any dog owner’s home. One not-so-perfect thing about this addition to your home, however, is its likelihood of creating a mess in its surrounding area. Fortunately, there are certain measures you can take to keep your home clean AND enjoy the convenience of a doggy door. Check out the 6 tips we found in our search!

1. UV Retardant

A UV retardant coat will protect your vinyl doggy door from sun damage, and help prevent damage/staining from dirt and grime. A non-hazardous, no odor product will be best for this. Petdoors.com offers a couple of vinyl sealing options that work well for doggy door protection.

2. Remember to Lock it When Necessary

Locking your doggy door at night and while you’re on vacation will not only keep your pet and your home safe, but it will also help you avoid unexpected messes. Select a doggy door that is capable of locking. If you leave the door open while you’re at work during the day, a pet monitor would be a great addition to help you keep an eye on what goes in and out of the door.

3. Use the Right cleaner

You have plenty of cleaners around the house, the only trick is finding the right one for your doggy door. Hale Pet Door recommends that you use a mild detergent and lukewarm water to clean the pet door frame with a soft cloth. They warn against using ammonia based cleaners.

4. Make a Bathing Schedule

Keeping your pet clean will play a huge role in keeping the doggy door clean. That being said, it’s not always easy to remember to bath your dog on a consistent basis. Set a schedule and stick to it. Set aside an hour or so once or twice a week to shampoo your dog’s coat to get the dirt and grime out.

5. Use a mat

Placing the right mat outside of your door with the doggy door installed is a great way to catch some of the dirt and moisture on your pet before it has a chance to find its way into your home. A water absorbing mat is your best option here, as it will catch the water without causing a soggy mess. Still, it will be important to bring your mat in when it rains or snows outside. Placing a mat inside will also be a good idea to catch any additional dirt before it can be tracked from the doorway to other rooms in your home.

6. Keep Cleaning Supplies Nearby

Keeping some sanitizing wipes and a dry towel close to the door will help you take care of messes before they can become a larger problem. If you’re around while your pet goes in and out of the door, cleaning up messes on the door with sanitizing wipes right away will help you prevent stains. A clean, dry towel can also be used to wipe off their paws and fur before they enter your home.

There you have it! 6 tips for enjoying the benefits of a doggy door without welcoming your home to major messes. If you found this post helpful, check out the rest of our blog’s pet category for tips on taking better care of your furry friend!