6 Tips to Childproofing Your Home

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When bringing a child home for the first time or moving, you need to go through every inch of your home and childproof it or at least cover the basic things. Nobody is perfect. But you don’t want your home to have a hazard around every corner. Things like broken glass, needles, and other sharp objects are among the obvious things. But, of course, you need to effectively clean them up.

However, there are other common hazards that you may forget about. Here are a few ways to secure your home, old or new, for children and babies.

1. Secure Your Cabinets:

Cabinets are one of the most important areas to properly secure if you have a child. Make sure that you lock away cleaning and other chemicals that a child can easily get into. These hazardous materials could easily poison and kill a child. So use childproof latches that easily attach to the inside of doors and frames.

2. Secure Your Bookcases:

A bookcase can tip over more easily than you might think. So be careful. If you want to better secure your bookcase, use an anchor to secure it to the wall. Once you have attached the harness to the wall with a screw, cinch up the strap so that you can hold the bookcase securely against the wall.

3. Secure Your Refrigerator Doors:

There are plenty of things that can fall and hurt your child if they open the refrigerator door too readily. You can use a simple appliance latch that is secured to the fridge with adhesive tabs. You should, of course, clean the area of the fridge you are using before you place the adhesive tabs and make sure it is dry to get the maximum stickiness.

4. Put Plastic Protectors on the Sockets:

Make sure that you buy these plastic protectors for all of the sockets in your house. They are making some sockets safer than ever before. But you don’t want little fingers, tongues, or anything else going into those sockets except the plugs that should go there.

5. Install a Baby Gate:

In fact, install a few if you need to. Baby gates can help you to keep your baby in the right place while blocking their access to things like stairs and areas that may not be quite as secure.

6. Keep an Eye on Your Baby:

Childproofing your home is not a substitute for properly watching over your child. Even if you are sure that you have perfectly secured everything, make sure that you keep an eye on things anyway. Help them to get where they are going, make sure that toys don’t unintentionally break apart, and otherwise make sure that all of the childproofing that you have done is having the right effect.