5 Fantastic Ways to Spend More Time with Your Pet This Summer

time with pet

The warm temperatures and sunny skies of summer tend to take us out of our homes and into the open air. Although this is awesome for your mood and productivity levels, there’s just one small problem back at home – your pet. Unfortunately, more time away from home often means more time away from your pet. So how can you make summer an amazing season for both you and your pet? By finding fun activities for both of you to get out and enjoy, of course! Check out our list of 5 fantastic ways to spend summer with your pet.

1. Hikes, Bikes, and Beaches

If you have a dog, your options for summer activities are pretty much endless. Hikes, trail runs, biking, and beach days are all possible with your pup. They can run along while you get a great workout or hangout by the beach with your friends. Just be sure to mind leash laws and keep a careful eye on your pet. You’ll want to be especially careful to keep your pet fed and hydrated with clean water and food during your outing as well.

2. Pet Events

If you live in a metropolitan area, you’d probably be surprised to find out how many pet events are going on in your city this summer. Check local listings and ask around for pet-friendly events in your area. Here you can bring cats and dogs to socialize with other pets and enjoy some fabulous summer weather. You could even host your own pet-friendly get together at your home with pet-owning friends and family!

3. Shopping

OK so maybe we don’t mean shoe shopping, but taking your pet on a trip to the pet store can be just as fun! You need to go to the pet store to pick up routine items like food and litter anyway, so why not make a day of it? Take your pet out on a nice day to test new toys and treats at your local pet store. You could even stop at an outdoor restaurant on your way home to spend a little more of your day with your best friend.

4. Coffee and Treats

Although most cafes won’t allow pets, there are certain cafes made for pet owners to bring cats and dogs! These are typically found in larger cities like New York and San Diego, however, there’s a possibility you could find one in your city if you start looking. Other options might include calling ahead to find cafes with patio seating that would be alright with you bringing your pet along.

5. Lazy Days in the Sun

Part of what makes summer so amazing is the simple presence of the sun. Creating a small nook in your backyard will allow you to enjoy a bit of summer without leaving the comfort of your home. Here you can read, sunbath, listen to music, and most importantly, spend quality time with your pet.

Staying Connected On the Go

Understandably, many of your summer outings will simply require that you leave your pet at home. Whether you’re at work, on vacation, or out running errands, you can stay connected to your best friend on the go with the izon pet cam. Your izon app will allow you to check in on things anytime, anywhere. This means you can make sure your caregivers are taking great care of your pet while you’re away, as well as ensure that your furry friend stays out of trouble during your daily activities.