4 Ways to Keep Employees Safe

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Any successful business operator understands that keeping your employees safe is fundamental to the success of your company. There is no mincing of words here. From a purely business standpoint, safe employees work and produce, thus increasing productivity and profit. A business is created (even with the best of other intentions), with the goal of making money. If no one gets paid, the company doesn’t last. From a more personal standpoint, keeping employees safe is the duty of an employer. Your employees trust you to keep them safe, through competent leadership, creating policies with your employees well-being in mind, and enacting proactive safety measures.

Here are a few examples of how you can keep your employees safe in the workplace, when you’re not there.

1) Policies and Procedures

Nearly every company has a Policy and Procedure guide. This is not a groundbreaking idea. Why? Because it works. Outline the dangers posed for those employed by your company. Make a plan for each eventuality. Drill the procedures if necessary. Above all, and this is a step that is commonly missed, explain the reasoning behind the policies and procedures. Spend time when hiring a new employee to go over them, in detail if necessary. Frequently refresh your employees knowledge of these policies and update them accordingly with the growth of your company or change in industry.

2) Inspired Work Ethic

No one can argue that passionate, inspired, and happy employees are more productive and are more likely to follow the policies and procedures set by your company. Inspire your employees to work hard. As they spend more time working, and doing so happily, they are less likely to engage in risky behavior.

3) Finding Leadership

This is something most employers already do, but perhaps with an eye on different criteria and results, rather than on safety. Ideally, you trust each and every employee who is part of your company. In reality there are those who are exceptionally reliable individuals. Entrust, through whatever method you choose, those whom you know have an eye for safety and the health of their fellow employees, with governance of the company while you are away.

4) Understand Reality

Unfortunately, even after all possible measures have been taken, the reality is that sometimes things will happen and the safety of your employees will be compromised. Criminals exploit the element of surprise, and disasters are a surprise for everyone. Understanding this, and doing your best to plan for the eventuality, is going to be key for not only the safety of your employees, but their perceived level of safety in your hands.