37 Amazing Resources for Owners Who Love Their Pets

  1. Tagg
    Offers satellite GPS tracking for your pet. You can also add activity tracking to see if your pet is being active.
  2. DoggyDatez
    You can check into various locations, see other pets in the area, and connect to have play dates. Like foursquare, where you can check-in to become mayor, DoggyDatez lets you check-in to mark territories and see what other pets enter your territory.
  3. FroBo Water bowl
    If your pet is anything like most people, it’s cold water or no water. This gel insert can be frozen so water kept in your pet’s dish will stay cold and refreshing all day long.
  4. Tangle Free Dual Dog Leash
    Allows a pet owner to walk two dogs at once without the difficulty of tangling cords. Multiple dog owners will be overjoyed.
  5. Door Scratch Protector
    If your pet is prone to scratching a certain door in your home, place this vinyl sheet there to protect your door from marks.
  6. Shake Dog Potty
    Indoor portable potty place for pets. Easy clean up for owners.
  7. Membo
    Easy way to remember if your pet has been fed. This is especially awesome in homes where more than one owner lives.
  8. Collapsible Travel Cup
    Attach this collapsible cup onto your water bottle when outdoors with your pet and fill it with water to keep man’s best friend hydrated and happy. Receive 20% off your order by entering coupon code MD20 at checkout!
  9. Map My Run
    Track the runs you take with your dog, while also keeping track of your own activity with this popular app.
  10. Bark Box
    For $19 a month, you can receive a box in the mail with treats and toys for your dog. A portion of the profits is given to animal rescue charities.
  11. Swimways Pool Mat
    When enjoying time by the pool, don’t forget about Fido. This pool mat is built for dogs to enjoy time out on the water.
  12. Slo-Bowl
    A dog bowl for the owners of part dog, part vacuum cleaners. These bowls help dogs slow down on eating which makes them healthier overall.
  13. Bow Harness
    If your walks are the perfect opportunity to show off that new cut from the groomers, this bow will be perfect. They have various colors, sizes, and styles. Perfect for the poodle in your life.
  14. Brushless Paw Wash
    When your pet has especially messy paws, just insert the paw into the washer and to get them cleaned up in no time.
  15. Bake a Bone
    For the health conscious pet owner, making your own treats just became much easier. With this awesome treat press, you can make healthy and organic treats for your pet.
  16. Canine Raincoat
    Rain can be uncomfortable for your pet, and a hassle for you to dry up. If your dog enjoys walks, rain or shine, a little raincoat could be the perfect accessory.
  17. Sureswivel
    Dog’s that enjoy time out in the yard, but are at a flight risk, would benefit from this nifty gadget. Tying your canine to this will allow them the leisure to move around a bit more freely, while still keeping them safe.
  18. Orbee-Tuff Mazee
    Pets love treats, but will they work for them? This toy is intended to make your dog work for their treat. They can play with it until the treats fall out.
  19. Cute Overload Blog
    Looking for cute pictures of animals of all types? This blog is perfect for you. Many of the posts are submissions, so feel free to send your pets in.
  20. Love Meow Blog
    If you feel the need to be inundated with multiple pictures and videos of cats, then this blog might be right for you.
  21. WebMD Pets
    Loving parents of pets will love the resources available on this site. Health is a huge concern for many pet owners, and knowing basic answers about your pet’s health can be very helpful.
  22. The Humane Society of the United States
    Are you a strong supporter of animal rights? The Humane Society blog and news section is for you. Here you’ll find the latest in animal news from across the globe.
  23. The I Love Cats Site
    Cat lovers beware, clicking this link might lead you to hours of wasted time on an awesome site that’s all about cats. Find informational, funny, and just plain cute articles about cats and their crazy shenanigans on the I Love Cats site.
  24. The I Love Dogs Site
    Articles, products, and fun facts, all about dogs. Every breed and size is featured on the I Love Dogs site. Check it out!
  25. Buzzfeed’s 27 Insanely Clever Products Every Cat Owner Will Want
    Ever wish you could offer your cat a cooler hangout for when you can’t be home to entertain? Buzzfeed’s got you covered. Check out their list of 23 insanely clever products every cat owner wants.
  26. Purina’s Facts About Cats
    Pet care is tricky. Even trickier? Cat care. No worries, though. The Purina cat blog offers facts and health info to help the cat lovers take care of their furry best friends.
  27. ASPCA Online
    The ASPCA is an established leader in pet rescue and care. That being said, we really don’t need to do much convincing to get you to visit their pet care blog for tips and advice on taking care of your dogs, cats, fish, birds, and more!
  28. Animal Planet’s Cats 101
    As mentioned, cats are mysterious creatures. Animal Planet wants to help you crack the feline code with video tutorials like Cats 101. Click to learn more!
  29. San Francisco SPCA
    As one of the few cities I know that has an actual museum for cat art, San Francisco is a friendly home for pet lovers. Obviously, their SPCA is a great resource for those who share their same love for animals. Check out their blog for help with behavior and training, adoptions, and youth programs.
  30. Purrfect Pals Resource Center
    With resources for pet adoption, animal control, and healthcare, the Purrfect Pals resource center offers a plethora of information for current and future pet owners.
  31. Pet MD
    Why does your dog insist on eating grass? Is it ok for him/her? Pet MD has your answer, and more.
  32. Best Friends Total Pet Care
    From general pet care to boarding and owner’s health, Best Friends Total Pet Care has you covered.
  33. Cool Pet products
    Cool pet products. Need we say more? Check it out!
  34. Cozy Winters’ Products for Pets
    Sometimes, a fur coat just doesn’t cut it. Find creative products for keeping your pets warm this season!
  35. 1-800-PETSUPPLIES
    Looking for a certain product, medication, or even just an awesome holiday gift for your best friend? Chances are, you’ll find it here.
  36. Pet Poison Helpline
    This is an important one. Check out the site and make sure you have the hotline number saved in your phone and maybe written down somewhere at home for friends and family to reference.
  37. Web Vet
    This is another great resource for checking in on your pet’s health. As always, you should pay a visit to your vet if you’re seeing any behavior out of the norm. For ongoing care and initial info, check out this and the other pet health resources listed!