3 Ways a Doggy Cam Will Save You from Vacation-Guilt

guilt free vacay

It’s vacation season! Even as you daydream about a sandy beach and a warm tropical breeze, it can still be difficult to avoid the worry of leaving your pet behind. As much as you’d like to bring your best friend along, air travel with an animal simply isn’t practical OR completely safe. Fortunately, a doggy cam can save the day by keeping you connected to your pet while you’re off enjoying some much needed R&R!

Check out our top three ways a doggy cam will save your vacation from the burden of guilt!


1. You can check to make sure their feeding is on schedule

feeding dog

You trust the friend or family member taking care of your pet, but none of that matters when the worry sets in. Luckily, your handy doggy cam will allow you to check in on your pet and his or her care at any point during your vacation.


2. You can keep them out of trouble from afar

Messy dog

Sometimes pets (especially puppies!) get into things they shouldn’t while their owners are away. A puppy cam sends instant notifications of movement and noise to let you know when things are out of the norm. This way, you can send the caregiver to your home to handle things right away!


3. You can rest easy knowing they’re not alone

dog visit

A puppy cam lets you check in on how frequently your pet is walked and visited while you’re gone. After all, they still need a little attention while you’re away. The ability to keep an eye on things will help you relax in knowing that your caregiver is giving your pet the love he or she deserves.

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