3 Reasons You Need a Puppy Cam

sleeping puppy

New pet owners get it – once you’ve got your new furry friend at home, walking out the door is the most upsetting part of your day. On top of this, puppy owners face an even greater predicament. These little fur balls can and will wreak complete havoc on your home as they adjust to their new surroundings. So what can you do to minimize potential wreckage while staying connected to your pup on the go? Purchase a puppy camera, of course!

Check out our top three reasons why a pet camera should be at the top of your list of new puppy supplies:

1. The Housebreaking Process is a Long One

Animals at home dog pet mutt puppy sitting on floor

It’s a good thing you love this pup. The first few months with a brand new dog can be a nightmare thanks to the joys of potty training. Fortunately, a puppy cam will help you keep an eye on how things are going while you’re away. No more surprises.

2. Early Detection is Key

dog with shoe

Puppies LOVE to chew on your favorite things. They’re teething and few things sound more soothing to their mouths than the heel of your crimson-soled stilettos. Rather than head to Starbucks for lunch, oblivious to the destruction taking place at home, keep an eye on things to know when you need to get home to move some things out of their reach.

3. Worry isn’t Worth it

dog looking out window

Whether you’re sitting anxiously at your desk or texting your dog sitter incessantly from vacation, it’s not necessary! Stressing over your pet’s care while you’re gone isn’t worth it when there is a better solution.

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