27 Fantastic Online Resources to Help Manage Your Pregnancy


You’re experiencing of one of the most exciting yet confusing things one could ever experience – pregnancy. Although you have an amazing little bundle of joy on the way, the process can become a bit challenging at times. From unanswered questions to crazy cravings and discomfort, the struggle can get pretty real for pregnant women. Fortunately, there are a variety of fantastic resources available to facilitate the pregnancy process for the modern mom. The best part? They’re not more than a click away! Check out our list of 27 resources to help you manage your pregnancy.

1. BabyFit.com

This website is a resource with tools to help expecting mothers stay on track with fitness routines and meal plans. Each plan is personalized to your unique needs and pregnancy. It also includes active message boards for support and assistance, as well as a personalized homepage and blog for your use. Registration for this site is free.

2. Pregnancy Companion II

This app helps you find answers to your pregnancy and fertility questions in one simple location. Pregnancy Companion II was created by OB-GYNs, meaning that each answer on the database is provided by an expert MD. It’s currently used by over 250k pregnant women, and recommended by hundreds of OB-GYN physicians. The app is free to download for Android and iOS devices.

3. Expecting Nutrition App

Creating and maintaining a solid nutritional plan can be tricky. Obviously, pregnancy makes the process even more complicated. Fortunately, awesome apps like the Expecting Nutrition App guides expecting mothers through the process of building a sound nutritional plan as they eat for two. The app is currently available in the App Store for iOS.

4. The Best Pregnancy iPhone & Android Apps of the Year – Healthline

Speaking of apps, the wonders of the web also offer many articles that compile the best pregnancy apps into informational articles. This helps you do some quick and easy app shopping thanks to research conducted by others. The Best Pregnancy iPhone and Android Apps of the Year is a fabulous resource in this category.

5. Week by Week Pregnancy Calendar – What to Expect

WhattoExpect.com provides a great calendar full of descriptions and explanations for changes as your pregnancy progresses. You can also find tips, advice, and inspiration throughout the rest of the site. Check it out!

6. The Best Pregnancy Advice I Never Got

Chances are, you’ve heard a lot of the same advice from different friends and family members. While their help is great, it would also be great to get some new material from other sources. This is where awesome resources like The Best Pregnancy Advice I Never Got come in.

7. An Expectant Dad’s Guide to Pregnancy

Web MD is a well-known source of medical information for a variety of conditions. Although you should never use the tool to self-diagnose, this Web MD article provides some great advice for expectant dads. It covers important steps like preparing the nest, remaining supportive at prenatal visits, and understanding how they can help labor and delivery run as smoothly as possible.

8. New Dads Survival Guide

Becoming a new father can be just as intimidating to your partner as becoming a new mother is to you. Fortunately, there are practical and entertaining resources for him too! Check out the New Dads Survival Guide to help your hubby deal.

9. Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond for Dads and Partners – NHS Choices

In case your partner still needs a bit more help understanding and supporting the pregnancy, birthing, and post-natal processes, we’ve provided another great resource tailored to their needs. Check out Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond for Dads and Partners by NHS Choices.

10. 10 Top Pregnancy Diet & Exercise Tips From Fitness Expert Kelly Rennie

The fitness pros at Bodybuilding.com really know their stuff. Lucky for you, their experts haven’t forgotten the importance of remaining fit during pregnancy in their article base. Click here for tips and advice from fitness pro, Kellie Rennie.

11. Pregnancy Week by Week – Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic’s database is one of the most trusted online resources for medical information. Their week-by-week pregnancy guide is another fantastic resource to help you gain further understanding of the current and upcoming changes you will experience as your pregnancy progresses. Check out the guide here.

12. American Pregnancy Association Website

This Association provides a great deal of support and insight for expecting mothers like ovulation calendars, answers to pregnancy concerns, and information to guide you through birth and beyond. Click here to find your answers.

13. The izon Camera

Part of preparing for your baby’s arrival means eliminating some of the potential fears that come with properly looking after your little one. The izon camera is a great solution for this. It allows you to stream live video and audio feed of your baby’s crib to your mobile device from anywhere in the house. Talk about the ultimate baby monitor!

14. Zuilly.com

This is the fun part – shopping! Zuilly.com offers great deals on super cute maternity clothes. Their maternity section also provides awesome finds for clothing, toys and nursery items for baby.

15. Sugar Babies Online Boutique

More of the fun stuff. It’s time to deck out your crib with all things awesome and frilly. The Sugar Babies online boutique offers an incredible selection of clothing, accessories, nursery design items, travel gear, baby essentials, and toys for your little one. Even better? They’ve got a section just for mom with cute clothing and fashionable bags and accessories.

16. Rise App

Looking for a great coach to guide you through the process of remaining fit and healthy throughout your pregnancy? The Rise app has your answer. Check out download options for all devices here.

17. Jane.com

You may recognize Jane.com from your current searches for deals and steals on fashion and beauty items. Did you know the site has a whole section for baby? Start your shopping here!

18. How to Make Over Your Beauty Routine for Pregnancy

Your body is changing which means your beauty regime will need to change too. Check out The Bump.com’s ultimate guide to making over your beauty routine to accommodate changes during your pregnancy.

19. Sleep Problems During Pregnancy – Women’s Health Alliance

Sleep is always essential, but it becomes even more important during pregnancy. Make sure your body gets the sleep it needs by paying attention to your sleeping habits to ensure you obtain sufficient amounts of sleep each night. Having trouble? The Women’s Health Alliance provides an awesome online resource to help!

20. 11 Products Most Moms-to-Be Didn’t Know Existed Before Getting Pregnant

You probably have a few favorite products you swear by for daily use already. Awesome products like this become even more important as comfort becomes more difficult to achieve throughout your pregnancy. Check out Pop Sugar’s guide to unusual, yet helpful maternity products to find a few new must-haves to keep comfy and happy during your pregnancy.

21. 8 Pregnancy Friendly Skin Care Lines

It can be hard to tell which products are safe for your body during pregnancy and which should be avoided. This is why Babble.com has provided a list of 8 pregnancy-friendly skin care lines to help you out!

22. Ten Ways to Have a Baby on a Budget

Budgeting your money can become quite the challenge throughout your pregnancy. However, there are several simple hacks that can help you spend a little smarter. Click here to check out 10 of these from Pregnancy.com’s article, Ten Ways to Have a Baby on a Budget.

23. 10 Ways to Survive Stress in Pregnancy

Life is stressful to begin with. Add pregnancy, and the stress can get a bit out of hand. This is where relaxation guides can help. We found a great resource specific to stress during pregnancy from Baby Centre.

24. 10 Remedies for Swollen Feet and Ankles

Swelling is an all too common occurrence during pregnancy. That’s why experts have done the research to find simple remedies to help expecting mothers ease swelling in their feed and ankles. Check out 10 natural remedies from Care2 here.

25. Oh Baby! Fitness

Sometimes, it’s nice to get out and join a group to help you get motivated during workouts. Oh Baby! Fitness offers a comfortable environment with classes tailored to the unique needs and capabilities of pregnant women. The best part? Their facilities are available in states throughout the U.S. Click here for class and location information.

26. Massage Envy

A major part of alleviating stress during pregnancy is taking some time to pamper yourself. Massage Envy offers a fabulous massage package specific to prenatal needs. This massage studio also provides services in locations throughout the nation. Click here to learn more about the prenatal massage option at Massage Envy.

27. How to Choose an Obstetrician – Baby Center

Choosing the right OB-GYN presents a unique challenge. You need a physician with whom you can be comfortable, but you also need an individual who is qualified for the job. Find a complete guide to selecting the right obstetrician here.