14 Apps to Help You Manage Your Time


Productivity and efficiency go hand in hand. Unfortunately, spending your time wisely enough to remain productive can be a bit difficult. That’s why modern technology has come to the rescue with awesome apps to help you remain efficient in your daily tasks. Whether your goal be to stay on track at the office, organize your business travel, or keep things in order around the house, there’s an app for that! Check out our list of 14 apps to help you manage your time!

1. Tripit


The Tripit app tracks and manages all of your bookings for upcoming vacations. Simply forward your confirmation emails to plans@tripit.com, get your master itinerary, and access your plans from your device anytime, anywhere – even when you’re offline.

2. Easily Do

easily do

The Easily Do app is $49.99 a year, but well worth the cost if you’re constantly on the go. This app acts as a digital personal assistant, tracking appointments, sending reminders, scheduling and sending texts, and sending alerts to check emails that require a follow-up or reply.

3. Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute Workout

7 min workout

Need a quick workout during a layover or before you head to the office? The Johnson & Johnson fitness app has your back. You can choose from a variety of workouts categorized by duration, intensity, and fitness focus. The best part? None of these require gym equipment and they start at durations of just 7 minutes! Check out the free download here.

4. The izon App


Worry can do some serious damage to your ability to focus. If you’re constantly stressing over leaving your new pup at home or trying to figure out whether or not you left the garage door open, the izon app has your answer. This app syncs up with your izon camera to allow you to self-monitor your home from afar. The izon camera models start at just $79.95.

5. Citrix GoToMyPC


Sometimes, you leave for vacation and realize you’ve left an important task incomplete at the office. Fortunately, the Citrix GotoMyPC app allows you to access your computer on the go. You can login, take care of business then get back to your trip in no time. Check out the free app here.

6. Dropbox


This app is also a great option for those of you stressing over important tasks while you’re away. It allows you to store your important files on a cloud database so that you can access them whenever you need them. No more calling your coworkers to email you an important file – you’ve got it in your Dropbox.

7. Chore Monster

chore monstor

Encouraging your kids to complete their daily chores can be a serious battle. Rather than continue to struggle over who does what and when, check out Chore Monster to make chores fun and engaging. This app offers an exciting journey to chore completion that includes rewards and colorful graphics.

8. HomeRoutines


Now that Chore Monster has your kids’ chores covered, you may want some help organizing your own daily tasks. This is where HomeRoutines comes in. This app creates lists of tasks to be completed each day and sends you reminders when they need to be done. You can check tasks off as you go, and organize your to-dos by the day of the week. Additionally, the app provides a built-in timer, completed task counter, and focus zone feature

9. BrightNest

bright nest

Ever wonder how on Earth you can keep your home neat and organized? BrightNest has your answer. This app acts as a complement to your current chore list, providing organization tips and projects based on needs including space, family size, and existing pets.



The Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute Workout app is awesome for quick workouts on the go, but JEFIT is the app for scheduling and tracking your full workout routine. This app includes a database of thousands of workout routines sorted by body part. You’ll find complete instructions, a workout planner, an exercise log, a progress tracker, timers, and synchronization options with your JEFIT profile. Finally, you can create your program and track each element of progress all in one place. Android Download iOS Download

11. FoodPlanner


This app allows you to easily plan meals on a personalized calendar. You can upload your own recipes or import recipes from over 500 support sites. FoodPlanner also helps you track your kitchen inventory and generate shopping lists quickly. You can sync all of your data from this app to the Google Cloud and easily create and save your meal plans.

12. Producteev


Track your personal projects, assign to-dos, and manage a dispersed team with the Prodcuteev app. This app gives you everything you need to manage time for both yourself and your team to stay on track and keep project flow consistent.

13. Followers Plus

Followers Plus

This may seem trivial, but checking up on all of your social profiles can eat up a lot of time! The Followers Plus app keeps all of your social information in one place. You can check your Twitter follows and favorites, as well as your likes per photo and engagement on Instagram. Want to add Facebook? No problem! The app is free, but additional features cost a small amount to add on. Check out it out here.

14. Flipboard


Staying up-to-date on current events and info within your industry is important. The problem? Spending hours searching news and information sites is just too much. Fortunately, Flipboard has your effective alternative. You can personalize your news feed of articles by interests and relevance. Now you can check out pre-filtered news reports that skip the fluff and get straight to the things you need to know.