11 Best TV Dogs of All Time

TV Dogs

When you’re an animal lover, life is less about adorable humans and more about ridiculously cute animals and pets. This holds particularly true when it comes to characters in your favorite shows. In celebration of the furry friends who have stolen our hearts on the small screen, we’ve decided to list the 11 best TV dogs of all time. Check it out!

1. Eddie – Fraiser

This feisty Jack Russell terrier stole the hearts of thousands during his run on popular sitcom, Fraiser. The original actor for this role (Moose) passed at the age of 16, and was replaced by lookalike, Enzo for the final two seasons of the show.

2. Comet – Full House

Full House was graced with the presence of Comet, an energetic golden retriever, in season three. One of this pup’s shining moments on the show was during the episode “Comet’s Excellent Adventure”, where he was accidentally set free to explore San Francisco with a female collie for a day.

3. Murray – Mad About You

This pup was the ridiculously lovable yet somewhat dim-witted dog on Mad About You. You may remember Murray for his tendency to chase phantom mice and collide with walls. He was also prone to getting lost on the show.

4. Buck – Married With Children

Buck was a cynical pet Briard dog with a knack for insulting his human owners (in his head, of course). His run on the show lasted into season 10 when he passed in the episode “Requiem for a Dead Briard.”

5. Petey – The Little Rascals

This pit bull belonged to the cast of one of the nation’s most beloved shows, The Little Rascals. His most notable characteristic was the red ring around his eye that was actually a part of his natural coloration.

6. Benji – Benji

You may remember this famous pup for his uncanny knack for being in the right place at the right time to help solve pesky problems for the show’s human characters. Benji was a mixed breed dog starring on the Benji TV series.

7. Lassie – Lassie

Of course, Lassie had to make the list! This adorable Border Collie came to the rescue of her human companions countless times during the 1954-1957 run of famed TV series, Lassie.

8. Chihuahua – Taco Bell Commercials

Who could forget the adorable, Spanish-speaking Chihuahua who sent us running in hoards to Taco Bell? Voiced by Carlos Alazraqui, this dog’s famous line “¡Yo quiero Taco Bell!” or “I want Taco Bell!” will remain forever in our minds at the thought of this Mexican fast food chain.

9. Backup – Veronica Mars

As a loyal pit bull owned by Keith and Veronica, Backup was often taken along to protect Veronica from harm throughout the TV series, Veronica Mars.

10. Djinn Djinn – I Dream of Jeannie

Who can resist the cuteness of a dog with magical powers? No one! That’s who. Djinn Djinn, an adorable labra-doodle belonged to Jeannie on the sitcom I Dream of Jeannie.

11. Digby – Pushing Daisies

Ned’s golden retriever, Digby, was the first living creature to be brought back to life on the show Pushing Daisies. It was at this moment that the main character discovered his magical gift after touching and reviving Digby following his initially fatal encounter with a truck.